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Within a short span, Ftechiz has emerged as one of the leading Android App Development Companies in the world delivering solid groundbreaking solutions & services to start-ups, mid and high-level organizations. Our highly skilled and talented Android App developers have years of experience in developing android apps that are custom, stable, fully functional, secure and futuristic for the entire range of Android devices.

android app development company

Why to Choose Ftechiz for Android App Development Services?

It has been over 6 years since we started developing Android Applications for our valuable clients. Over the years, we have designed and developed 50+ applications in different categories ranging from e-Commerce, On-Demand Delivery, Taxi & Travel, Healthcare, Education, and several other industries. As a leading Android App Development Company, Ftechiz have a squad of app developers to create well-researched, user-friendly and robust mobile apps for client businesses to boom.

You do not need to search now like Android App Development Company near me, as top Mobile App Development Company, we make sure to excel in the provision of our services like Android Consulting, Native/ Custom/ Hybrid Android App Development, and Android UI/UX Design. With high customer trust and satisfaction, Ftechiz have been able to transform various start-ups and organizations around the world. We help businesses to find solutions using latest technology, and to be more specific that is using Android apps that will help them to run their business smoothly and much more efficiently.

Our highly skilled android app developers know all the ins and outs of the Android Platform. Our developers have all the working experience of the major Android device, types, and brands. We assure our client of a reliable product that connects to the platform’s users.

Our Android App Development Company

Android is one of the widely used technologies in today’s Smartphone market. With an 85% market share, there are 2.5 billion active monthly Android users and it is touted as the right choice for start-ups and emerging companies. And to excel in this huge market, you need to partner with the team you can depend on. We are the leading android development company, guarantees scalability to our clients with expertise in everything related to android app development.

We always ensure that our Android Development Services is fully competent of supporting well established enterprises and their SME counterparts. Our Android mobile app development portfolio is evidence to our expertise across various categories, Android devices and platforms. We have developed various apps for different platforms like Smartphone’s, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV. The full-cycle custom Android app development process that we follow has helped us to dig deep into the innovative Android world.  We always use latest & time-tested android app development software as our primary tech stack to deliver secure, easy-to-use & intuitive apps.

We are the top Android app development company serving all across the world, famous for building innovative apps that add unmatched value to the users’ lives with our custom android development services. We are a trusted Android app development company that designs and develops custom Android apps for all business verticals and scale of businesses.

Android App Development

Ftechiz has acquired a reputation as one of the most reliable Android app development company on the market for more than 6 years. If you need an Android app for your mobile, watch, or TV we can help you create a strong solution that works on any device, regardless of the brand and your operating industry. We have successfully delivered android apps in various domains like on demand apps, Retail, Entertainment, ecommerce, Education, Blockchain, Healthcare, and many categories.

Android Wearable App Development

Nowadays businesses are looking for the wearable apps to keep them ahead as per future demands. Being the best mobile app development company we know the difference in user intent and expectation when they move from smart phones to wrist wear, and head-mounted displays. Our team has developed various wearable app for devices like: Wearable fitness trackers, Wearable blood pressure monitors, Wearable smart health watches, Biosensors and more.

Custom Android App Development Services

Our Android developers are very proficient to meet the different requirements of the organization. For a mix of industry domains in the least possible time, they have wonderfully created multiple custom Android applications as the business requirements with the latest cutting edge technologies. The art of designing mobile applications that excel and stand apart from others is well known to them.

Android App consultation

Being a part of the mobile application development company, our expert consultant help you understand your business goals and suggests you cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly ways to get the job done on time. We provide consultation services for all stages of the development process like R&D, Design & Development, Testing, etc. We have experience with projects of any size; domain and we make sure that deadlines are met.

Android UI/UX Design

With a well-versed knowledge of the user’s behaviour, our team of Android App designers know what exactly should be the user’s experience while using your app idea. For that, we sit with you and have an in-depth understanding of what your business demands and what is your main goal. Our team of professional designers holds expertise in creating memorable experiences across all Android devices and versions.

Multi-Platform Deployment

We are an android app development company that specializes in flawless integration and deployment of any android app. Irrespective of which platform you want to be on, our expert android development team can help you get there.

Technology We Use for Android App Development

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Our Development Process

A reliable Android App Development company, Ftechiz supervises the entire development process to achieve client satisfaction. The method includes Ideation & Planning, Design & Development, Testing & QA and Deployment of the Application. This process is followed by the post-deployment services, which include; bug fixing, updates, and modifications as per demand of the client at the best price.

Research & Planning

At the very first step, our development team will get familiar with your project idea and get detail insights about it. After thorough research, refining the plan and preparing a detailed documentation about the project, we will create a design for every page that has a smooth flow. Then, we’ll develop the app as per the wireframe of android development services.

Design & Development

The second phase is to design the app. In this phase, we will add graphics, icons, and features as per the documentation to produce a visually appealing app. In this stage, we’ll also develop the app by adding the required functionalities and server-side elements in our android development services.

QA & Testing

At this phase, after developing the application our testing team will check the app for bugs or errors and take the necessary steps to ensure that the app runs smoothly. Finishing touches will be given to the app and all the issues will be resolved.


This is the final stage! In this phase we will deploy the application in the Play Store. Now, your customers can download the app and you can generate a profitable ROI through it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Android?

Android is an open-source Software package and Linux-based operating system used in mobiles, tablets, televisions, etc. The Mobile OS is own by Search giant Google. However, the system is open source, so it is freely accessible to anyone.

What programming language do you use to develop Android apps?

We use Java and Kotlin programming languages to develop native Android apps. While for cross-platform app development, we use React Native and Flutter programming languages.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Android App Development?

Here are some of the most important benefits of outsourcing your Android App development:

  • Low development and operational cost
  • Access to experienced developers
  • Reducing the Risk Factors
  • Reduced development times
  • Access to experienced developers
  • High Speed of Development
  • Ongoing Support

How much does it cost to develop an Android App?

The cost of any Mobile App Development depends on various factors such as the complexity of application, Platform Used for Development, features you need in your app, Time required for development, etc.  So, it is very difficult to determine an exact cost to develop an Android App. To get a proper insight and estimate cost of your Android Application, get in touch with our App developers at:

What do you mean by Google Android SDK?

The Google Android SDK is the software development Kit for android application. It provides a set of libraries and other resources which helps in the android app development. The Android SDK contains all the tools and libraries which is necessary to code programs from scratch and even test them.

How we can avoid the ANR Situation?

ANR stands for “Application Not Responding”. The message is displayed to the user when a long operation takes place in the UI thread and the application is not responding for the longest time. To avoid the ANR Situation, Stop doing heavy jobs on main thread. Instead use worker threads such as Intent Service, Async Task or another Thread.

What Kind of Android Apps Developed by Ftechiz?

We develop a large variety of apps ranging from Healthcare, entertainment, travel, social networking, productivity, Blockchain, business, Education and many more.

Have An Android-Based App Requirement?

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