Hire Xamarin Developers with expertise in C# Xamarin for Android and iOS App Development!

At Ftechiz, we provide excellent Xamarin developers with experience building top-notch and robust mobile applications for both iOS and Android app development. Our skilled coders have at least five years of experience and have a strong portfolio of a minimum of 5 successful projects. With our Resource-as-a-service RaaS development and hiring framework, we provide skilled developers to our clients in no time.

    Expertise of our Xamarin Developers

    • C# Programing: Xamarin development relies on the C#, and our developers know every minute and major feature of c# that enables them to build a featureful and astounding application that fills your business’s pain points and helps it to grow.
    • App Deployment: Our experts are well-equipped with knowledge of app deployment policies of both Android and iOS platforms. Also, they write clean, efficient, and maintainable codes that can be edited easily later to enhance the experience or integrate a new feature.
    • Testing and Debugging: We understand building an application means nothing if the app has several bugs. To tackle the bugs, we do rigorous testing with the debugging tool and implement the latest technologies to keep your application smooth and bug-free.
    • Native Apps Development: Our Xamarin developers are proficient in building native (iOS and Android) applications for our clients using advanced technologies like AR/VR, IoT, AI/ML, etc. Our developers have experience in building native applications for various industries.
    • Maintenance and Migration: We have a successful portfolio of maintaining an existing application or implementing the latest technologies to keep it up-to-date with the latest features. Along with this, we also offer expert and hassle-free app migration services.

    Technical Expertise of Our Xamarin Developers

    We have various industry experts under the same roof and create stunning app experiences to delight your customers. Below are the technical expertise of our Xamarin developers.

    • Programming Language
    • Cross-platform app development
      Xamarin.Forms Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android
    • Backend development frameworks
      ASP.NET Node.js
    • Cloud Platforms
      Azure AWS SQLite
    • Testing Frameworks
      NUnit MSTest
    • Build Tools
      Visual Studio Xamarin Studio
    • Third-party libraries
      Newtonsoft.Json Refit

    Why Ftechiz is a global leader in providing Xamarin App Developers?

    With over eight years of experience, various industries expertise, and dedication towards our work, we are our clients’ favourite.

    • Highly Skilled Developers: At Ftechiz, we have experienced Xamarin developers who are ready to work and hold immersive knowledge of the latest frameworks and app trends.
    • Flexible Engagement Model: Our vision is to provide top-level developers to everyone, including start-ups. We offer flexible hiring models so even start-ups struggling with financial crises can get the expertise and redefine their business.
    • Proven Expertise: We have a portfolio of developers who have delivered high-quality, scalable applications that have redefined the industry standard and given our clients a competitive advantage in the market.
    • Tailored Solutions: Our consultants understand that every business and their needs are unique. We sit next to your marketing team to understand your requirements and suggest the best technologies and frameworks for your application.
    • User-Centric design: Building a featureful app means nothing if it is not easy to navigate. Our UI-UX designer keeps this in mind and creates layouts that can be easily navigated to enhance the user experience.
    • Quality Assurance: We take app quality as our utmost priority and include rigorous testing and quality assurance as an integral part of our development process. Our QA professional ensures that your app stays bug-free and reliable.