Empower Your Team, Simplify Success Unleashing IT Augmentation Excellence – Here's How It Works

Most businesses think that dealing with IT companies is just technical jargon, but Ftechiz makes it just a myth. We speak the language you love we don’t impress our clients with the words we believe impressing them with our work. If you want to work with us, this is how our staff augmentation process looks like

IT staff augmentation benefits
Cost Savings

Initial Contact

You just need to ping us through the chat with the team you require or the project you’re working on. We’ll get an idea about your needs and the expertise you need to fill talent gaps. You can tell us whether you need a single developer or a team to work with your in-house team. 

Schedule a Meeting

We’ll sit with you virtually and understand all your requirements with the expertise and skills you require. We understand not one team fits all, so we’ll try to collect every little bit of requirement and technology you’re required to fulfill all your requirements.

Shortlist top talent

After knowing all your requirements, we’ll shortlist the top candidate of our team and send their CVs to you. We’ll send you the candidates’ CV with all their experience, technology knowledge, education, etc. We’ll cater to the top industry experts for you so you can have the peace of mind that the right talent is working on your project. 

Shortlist & interview your team

Once we send you the CVs of the candidates, you can shortlist them, and we’ll plan an interview for you. During the interview, you can meet the candidates virtually and interview them to ensure whether they have the necessary skills and expertise required to handle your project.

Hire & sign contract

Once you interviewed the candidate, we’ll move to the final step of the staff augmentation, where we’ll onboard your preferred candidate and sign a contract with you. Basically, the contract will hold all the information, like candidate tenure, their roles, and responsibilities. This will help to clear the candidate’s roles in the project.