Terms of Use

Ftechiz is a software development company provides advanced digital solutions, web & mobile applications, sites, and software to various clients. We are a Private Limited company following industry-standard best practices.

We have established Rules, terms, and regulations for transparency in business operations, safeguarding our legal interests, & manage the use of our digital products/services. As a trustworthy company, we intend to keep our Terms of Use agreement, clear, and promote healthy business transactions.

While you access the site of our company, Ftechiz Solutions Pvt Ltd – https://ftechiz.com/, you are subjected to various legal conditions. As you process the site for any purpose, whether to buy, learn, or get informed, you need to keep the following terms into consideration for clear understanding and to avoid any litigation.

  • Our site provides detailed information on all the products, technical services, data, and digital opportunities we leverage and provide.
  • By accessing our site further, it is established that you accept and comply with our set terms and conditions. This stands applicable to all the visitors, users, or any person visiting this site in any form.
  • Disagreeing with the terms may lose you access to the site instantly.

The terms for the methods of collection, usage, storing, and sharing of your data provided by you are detailed in the Privacy Policy page on our site.


We offer a wide range of digital and technical solutions for various purposes across business niches. Significantly, they help you to streamline your operations, appeal to your users, and lead to tangible growth. You can get in touch with us to inquire, avail of, or make a purchase of our services or products through any of the following:

  • Contact us Forms
  • Email: business@ftechiz.com
  • Phone call inquiry: +91-7534078989

Termination of the Services

Ftechiz holds the right to modification, suspension, or termination of the mentioned terms without prior notifications. In this, any unacceptable conduct detected may lead to the suspension of your sites without any limitations, at our sole discretion. Also, any form of breach or disrespect towards the Term of Use agreements or any other agreements decided earlier will result in the suspension of your sites, apps, or services with immediate effect until further notice.

However, the particulars for instance ownership agreements, indemnity, warranty disclaimers, scopes of liabilities, or any other such provisions outside the nature of the terms shall survive the termination protocol.

Copyrights, Content, & Trademarks

All the visuals, content, and everything visible on the site of Ftechiz come under the ownership of, control, or License of the company.  Hence, its use in any manner is prohibited and eligible for legal action.

  • The contents of the site include all the pieces of information made available thereon, data, service descriptions, mentions, visible interfaces, images, logos, graphics, videos, codes, graphs, and so on. All the data are protected under intellectual property rights, applicable laws, trademarks, and individual copyrights.
  • The company retains the ownership of the copyright of all the content present on the company site. Therefore, no content, in partial or whole, can be used, reproduced, encoded, published, modified, distributed, broadcasted, loaned, create derivatives based on the site or the content, or translated in any format without permission.
  • Kindly note, that Ftechiz is a software development company and is not responsible or warrant for the content that you use on your developed sites. Especially, we are not liable for the loss or the damages incurred to you due to the errors, omitted, various types of or infringing content that you may have used, linked, or made available on your sites.
  • You may have to take the sole responsibility for the content reused with due credits & attributions on your sites for any purposes. For detailed guidance, you may refer to the License terms to not fall into the trap of plagiarism or copyright issues.
  • The company also holds the ownership of the logo, trademarks, and service signs including the dress code, color schema, patterns, and styles of the perceptible appearance.
  • You cannot claim the authority of any foregoing on the sites. However, once you make anything available on the site, then the company has the right to utilize your suggestion/content outside any conditional payment or legal bindings.
  • Although you are free to leverage the content available on the site to learn about Ftechiz, our products or services comply with the mentioned terms. Conditionally, you are prohibited from any endorsement of them, removal of the proprietary labels from any part of the content, or use without any due credits.
  • Moreover, all the intangible aspects present on the site inclusive of the features, functions, algorithms, codes, approaches, processes, methods, frameworks, or creativity in any form are the exclusive property of Ftechiz of its Licensors.
  • Additionally, no site warranties and representations of the partial or whole content, company products, or services are allowed.

Site Prohibitions

You must keep the following conditions in mind as you access our site along with giving consent to certain preset conditions as per the terms.

  • You shall not attempt to search for codes individually or by employing any third-party means.
  • Do not engage in reverse engineering to create, manipulate or plagiarize the original or the licensed work from the site.
  • Refrain from any illegal usage like granting third-party access, commercially exploiting, distributing, and allowing security interest, of the site contents.
  • Also, do not perform any act of avoidance and introduce automated systems like deep-links, spiders, offline readers, page-scrapes and devices, algorithms, methods, or similar manual processes for the access. Any attempts of interference in the working of the site with the help of any external software/devise invite legal actions.
  • Strictly, do not indulge in any activity on the site that may damage, overburdens, overrides, or disturbs the core functions of the site and hinders the user engagement of the other visitors.
  • Do not give in to the urge to bypass the navigation structure, presentation, the core functions of the site, or imbalance the site infrastructure by monitoring, tweaking, or messing with the content in any form.
  • Frame site, mirroring the piece of the content with another site or page leads to infringement.
  • Unauthorized access is strictly frowned upon.
  • Efforts to breach the security systems of the Site, rupturing the authentication, making the site vulnerable to external threats in any manner or any such actions may be termed as an act of cyber crime.

Privacy Policy

We respect and do not misuse the private details entrusted to us by our clients, visitors, or associates. Although, by using our site you are subjected to all our privacy policies that form an integral part of the Term of Use.

Get to know the details of your data usage and related information on our Privacy Policy page mentioned below:

Privacy Policy

Site Links

Commercially, websites may collaborate with third parties for their services. Although, they are strictly not owned or controlled by the company. Albeit, we enable these related links and information for the convenience of our users.

  • As we host these links, the company does not endorse, sponsor, exclusively recommend or promote or stand liable for the third parties, their websites, services, or the information provided by them.
  • Additionally, Ftechiz is not accountable for your usage of the third-party services and cannot be subjected to any alleged damage or loss caused by your association with the third parties visible on our sites.
  • The company strictly holds the right to demand the removal of a single or all the links related to the site at any time. With this, you are abided by immediate action.
  • Any links if found to be offensive, violating any rules or integrity of a person, religion, or nation, favor infringement, or trespassing the third-party rights will be stopped and discarded immediately by the company with no further associations.

Changes & Modifications

Ftechiz solely holds the authority to replace, update or modify our term policy at any given point in time. To this, they are not abides to provide any prior notice. This means, you accept and are bound to the changed terms every time you visit/ use our site for any purpose. Moreover, you will also be subjected to all the set forth conditions as of the current updated terms.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

  • The company does not account for your assumed navigation of the site in search of free access or easy availability of the content.
  • Also, we do not promise the retention, availability, timeliness, suitability, reliability, security, or accuracy of the content or the site with any agenda or specific purpose. Additionally, the content of the site is provided on an as-available and as-is available basis. Significantly, this content is subjected to human errors for inaccuracies, typo errors, factual mistakes, incompletion or not being the latest.
  • Any manner of loss or damage by the nature of direct, indirect, partial, or incidental due to any form of association with our site does not come under the liability of the company. And thus will not be entertained by the company.
  • The person will not be entertained even after the advanced instruction or advice provided for damages, despite the cause of action on which the claim is based.
  • If you find yourself dissatisfied with the content or the site, you are advised to opt out of the further usage of the site.
  • In case of the situations of these terms are unmet, then the company cannot be blamed or become liable for the casualties, collateral damages, or losses due to the use of the site or the content.
  • The company is not liable to pay any amount to anyone under any circumstances for their loss due to the known causes.
  • The above-mentioned disclaimers apply to all forms of alleged damages, accusations, liabilities, or losses incurred due to any kind of actions like:
  • interruption in operation or transmission, performance or loading failure, system errors, and intentional or unintentional deletes
  • unauthorized access, content breaches, virus attacks or thefts,
  • communication failure or similar cause of actions


You are the sole responsible for your behavior on the site and cannot blame the company or the related personnel for any losses caused by the use of the site. In line with this, you accept the indemnification and compensate the company. Also, you bear all the costs arising out of legalities and related actions. In addition to this, the company and the associated ‘save harmless’ under such circumstances.


The aforementioned company terms comprise a complete agreement between parties according to the then related subject. It is in the benefit of the company, and its associates to re-enforce the full or partial provisions as per their requirements and discretion.

  • The company will not give in to the enforcement of strict performance for the company’s failure, as a waiver of any terms or provisions.
  • The wavier in the current situation will not imply any earlier or later situations of breaches.
  • If a part of the condition or term is declared incapacitated or termed invalid by the administration or esteemed jurisdiction, then that particular section will be curbed to a certain limitation or removed partially. So that the remaining term conditions can be implemented and extended legally.
  • The terms and conditions fall under the administration of the Uttarakhand State Law and you may or may not have a choice of a law provision preference. Hereby, you are subjected to the acceptance and abidance of all exclusive jurisdictions and venues of the adjudication in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India in the event of any disputes.
  • You hold the responsibility for complying with jurisdiction law and accept to not have access authority or use of the information of any kind on the site for law violation.

We believe in peaceful sustenance and intend to extend help in all forms if asked for. In event of trespassing, or the violation of our rights and property which is unacceptable, the alleged will be deemed responsible for the company’s loss and will be dealt with, with strict legal stances.