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We have more than six years of experience in the service industry. We can serve every technology expertise, and here are some of the famous ones.

Not sure which technology is appropriate for your project? Not to worry, Schedule a completely free 30-minute consultation with our Senior Business Development Executive.

Industries We Serve

Throughout these years, we have delivered thousands of projects and gathered experience from almost every industry around the globe, and we are capable enough of providing to hire dedicated remote developers on a large scale as per your need.




E commerce

Real Estate


Supply Chain


Hire Offshore Developers as Per Your Need in 24 Hours

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | No Hidden Cost

$ 20 Hourly (USD)

We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

$ 2880 Monthly (USD)

3 to 5 years of Experienced Remote Software Developers - 160 Hours

$ 14000 Monthly (USD)

Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers. Contact Us for More Details

Hire Remote Developers for High Productivity & Quality Services

You can hire remote developers from us who are proactively take responsibility for project development services for on-demand Product Design, Development, Product Launches and Post Launch Support on their own. Their client-centric approach, in-depth knowledge & hands-on experience of different industries can handle every essential part of the technical process for high performance, speed, advanced Security, & scalability.  You can hire dedicated software developers to consistently produce the targeted results in your given time. And integrate your potent idea with tailor-fit SDLC setups, dedicated ideal resources, UI/UX strategies, QA methods & exhaustive consulting at each stage for end-to-end remote development.

Custom Website Development

Hire remote developers with years of experience in different industries in building the dynamic, real-time, SEO-friendly websites of your dreams. Leveraging modern, popular & reliable techs like Python, PHP, Node, Angular, Java, React, etc. they offer bespoke front-end and back-end development with all the latest functionalities for user retention. Hire dedicated development team to collaborate, ideate, create, & ship custom websites for your unique business.

On Demand Mobile App Development

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers who are the masters of handling any sort of Designing, & Development Projects with our excellent Mobile App Development Services. Our Experienced Mobile app developers have the ability to build custom mobile apps that are designed and delivered as per your specific requirement. Our expert Mobile App Developers has all the knowledge & experience of reliable latest techs like React Native, Android, Kotlin, iOS, etc. We also offer bespoke front-end and back-end development with all the functionalities for user retention. We Help start-ups and global brand to Design and Deliver Top-Class Mobile Apps, enabling flawless User Experiences Across All Modern Platforms And Devices.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX is integral part to any website or mobile application. Hire a remote developer with us to bring about practical yet gripping responsive design strategies involving view, feel, responsive & navigation for an impactful UX experience. To deliver that, you can hire dedicated remote developers, designers & Testers from us to create brilliant UI/UX for your applications.

Blockchain Development Services

Hire Blockchain Developers from us who offers outstanding Blockchain development services. We help start-ups, medium and high-level organizations to design more transparent, efficient and secure versions of their businesses with our wide range of blockchain development services. We have a team of experienced Blockchain Experts who are ready to take your complex project on blockchain technology. With Our years of experience In Blockchain Technologies, We Build Solutions that are extremely Secure, Transparent, Yet Scalable.

Enterprise Software Development

Every industry has different needs. So why rely on generic software? Get your customized enterprise software as your hire dedicated software developers from us who adroitly handling research to developing and launching with due updates to enhance your enterprise activities smoothly. Their strategic hi-tech customized solutions cater to your business’s specific needs while keeping your budget under control.

Cloud Application Development

As a leading cloud application development company, our cloud-native application development includes ERPs, CRMs, and much more. Hire Remote Developers from us who offers custom cloud application development services as per your budget and business requirement. We develop and Implement Cloud Applications that are Browser-compatible, Future-Proof, and Highly Scalable. We can deploy cloud applications in public, private, or hybrid environments thanks to our top-level integration services. We also provide cloud application development services over Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

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Our Technology Stack

We sculpt your potent idea using our innovative techniques & technologies and represent it in the real world.

Why Hire Remote Developers from Ftechiz?

Being a prominent Software Development Company, we provide top-class remote developers that are skilled and having years of industry experience in developing complex applications. You can Hire Remote Developers from us and they can help you to streamline all your business needs in the right way.  Our knowledgeable development team uses the latest technologies. We put our clients at the heart of what we do, so you get the best software development services around.

Hire Remote Developers Now

Hire Top Software Developers in 5 easy steps

Below is the simple process that we follow while offering services to our clients.

Step 1 : Inquiry

Tell us in brief about your ideas and needs. Don't worry it's secure and confidential.

Step 2 : Select CV

Shortlist Candidates which best fit in your needs by viewing their CVs.

Step 3 : Assessment

Optionally, asses candidates over phone or video call.

Step 4 : Trial Run

Take a 1 week free trial.

Step 5 : Add resource in your team

If you like the resource(s), pay for the trial time and onboard resource(s).

Hire Remote Developers Now


We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality services that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us.

"Great team, with long run relatioship vision, professional and above very efficient to deliver result under time to market deadlines. Highly recommended and with no doubt I'll hire this team again."


"Great experience. Excellent professional. I had a very good relationship. No doubt, we will have another collaboration. Thanks."


"Ftechiz team was very quick with their work and allowed us to bring a feature to market much sooner than we had expected. He is great for getting an MVP concept out."


"Ftechiz has done a fantastic job for Gluu. Great communication skills. Jumped into some hard technical assignments and learned on the job. Highly recommend."


"We really enjoyed working with Ftechiz, It has done great job to work on our hotel app 'Ongoji' and also the kind of website we want they delivered. We think he is really passionate about his work and give great respect towards to his work, task and deadlines.


Ftechiz did a great job on the tasks requested


A really really good experience working with Ftechiz. Ftechiz team has a deep technical expertise. Something that became quickly evident. Peace of mind with his highly autonomous operating mode once the requirements were communicated.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ftechiz?

Ftechiz Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the best software development company serving more than 10+ countries worldwide. We have 6+ years of tech expertise in app and web development, delivering 100+ projects since 2016. We have a team of 50+ IT experts consisting of developers, UI/UX designers, Testers, Project Managers & QA to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of your project.

How to hire remote developers with Ftechiz?

You can conveniently hire remote developers with Ftechiz through our well-thought engagement models in 5-easy steps. Being best for any kind of short-term or long-term project, our remote developers are highly adaptive, and seamlessly gel in your environment while working in your preferred time zones. Once you’ve selected the developers, it’s time for contractual formalities, after which they will start working on your projects in the next 24 hours.


You can hire remote developers as a valuable asset through the following easy steps:


Step 1 – Tell us in brief about your ideas and needs

Step 2 –   Shortlist Candidates which best fit in your need by reviewing their CVs.

Step 3 – Optionally, assess candidates over google meet, skype or any other medium.

Step 4 – Take a 1-week free trial.

Step 5 – If you like the resource(s), pay for the trial time and onboard resource(s).

Is 7 days risk-free trial period completely free?

Yes, it’s completely free. We allow this free trial period to evaluate the code quality, requirements, communication, on-time delivery, agile software development process, and more of the hired trial resource.

If you like the resource, you can continue with the engagement; if the output isn’t desired, we will assign new resource whose skills & experience match your requirement.

What is the cost to hire a remote Developer?

The average cost of hire a remote developer starts from $10 to $95/hour depending on the location. However, with companies like Ftechiz, you can hire remote developers for as low as $15/hour.

Get in touch with our team to know the tailor-made costing structure for your business based on your requirements.

Do you ensure the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?

Rest assured, you will have 100% ownership of your project. It includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

With year of experience in product development, project management, and UI/UX, we are a one-stop solution for any of your software development needs. Whether you need assistance with skilled resources or you are looking to outsource your project, you can rely upon us for;

  • Website development using emerging technologies
  • Mobile App development using cross-platform tools
  • Staff Augmentation – Fill the tech talent gap in your existing team
  • Full-stack Website development
  • Blockchain Development Services
  • Project Management
  • Post Launch Support

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