IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services- How Can It Benefit Your Team ?

We are in the 21st century, and most probably since the pandemic in 2019, we are officially in the digital age. Today, we are surrounded by technology, from shopping to other everyday tasks or business activities. Technology plays a crucial role in our lives, and everything is changing very quickly.

Due to this much technology interference, the need for IT professionals has increased significantly. According to Statista, the global IT sector is about to reach a revenue of 1,570.00 billion dollars by 2027.

With this much growth, companies are afraid of not getting the right professional at the right time. However, humans are the most intelligent on earth, and overtaking any problem is our pinky finger’s game. To tackle this problem, companies have opted for an IT Staff augmentation process to hire IT professionals.

If you are here, you have most probably heard the term IT Staff augmentation and want to know more about it. In this write-up, we’ll explore staff augmentation in-depth and give you every bit of information you need.

What is Staff augmentation?

IT Staff augmentation is a modern-day staff hiring process that is much better than traditional hiring processes. This method allows companies to scale their team with outside talent to meet staff requirements or fill skill gaps at any time.

Let’s not make it complicated; let me give you an example: 

You’re a software development company working on an XYZ project that requires 6 developers, but you only have 4 on your team. Now, we know the traditional hiring process takes 3-4 months to hire new talent and get them ready to go with the project. In contrast, IT Staff augmentation allows companies to hire ready-to-work professionals from IT staff augmentation companies. This not only saves you time but also saves you a fortune.

What are the benefits of IT Staff augmentation services?

We all know that the only way for an organization to grow is to invest in technology and men’s power, but it is also true that not every organization can handle these resources in-house. IT Staff augmentation enables organizations to hire remote talent for their team and benefit them in different ways. Some of the benefits of leveraging IT Staff augmentation are as follows:

1. Cost-effective: First and foremost, IT staff augmentation saves a fortune for organizations. The model effectively reduces hiring, training, and infrastructure costs as the hired professional will be ready to work and will be working remotely. 

2. No full-time employee benefits: Augmented staff will not work full-time with your organization; they will be contractual employees. Hence, you don’t have to pay them any full-time perks such as insurance, increments, bonuses, etc. 

3. Peak flexibility: One of the best things about IT Staff augmentation is that you can scale up or scale down augmented staff anytime according to your project requirement. IT staff augmentation is also the best option to meet the seasonal work demand. 

4. Access to top-tier talent: If you get the right IT staff augmentation service, you’ll get the industry’s top-tier talent. After an arduous staff augmentation process, staff augmentation companies only include professionals in their teams. To be honest, you cannot get this level of professionals through the traditional method. 

With these astounding features, you might now be looking to hire an IT Staff augmentation service provider for your organization, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

There are several vendors on the web, and with this many options, it’s pretty easy for you to pick the wrong partner. But don’t worry—below is the process to hire the best IT staff augmentation partner. 

How do you get the right IT Staff augmentation partner?

There are a few things that you should prefer before picking any random company to be your strategic partner. Staff augmentation process.

1. Identify your needs: Before any organization decides to hire an IT staff augmentation company, it must identify its pain points and needs. You should ask your core or in-house team about the requirements you have or skills your team is lacking. If you don’t know what you need, you will end up hiring the wrong candidate. 

2. Research and Review companies: Once you know what you’re looking for, the next step is to look for reliable names for IT staff augmentation. Check review platforms or ask your colleagues or business partners if they know any reliable IT staff augmentation service providers. 

3. Contact Staff augmentation service provider: Next, contact the staff augmentation service provider you shortlist and tell them your requirements. Ask for quotes and find out how they can help you with your needs. Always contact two or three names and compare them before picking a specific partner to work with. 

4. Evaluate candidates: Ask staff augmentation companies for their candidates’ resumes. This is an important part of the staff augmentation process: Check all the resumes, shortlist candidates, interview them, and provide them with an assessment related to your project. Make sure to ask them all the questions related to their skills and your project requirements to find the right fit for your project. 

5. Onboard candidates: Once you are satisfied with the candidates and are sure that they are the right fit for your project, onboard them, introduce them to your onsite, and familiarize them with the technology and methodologies you use. 

It is a simple yet effective staff augmentation process to get the right augmented staff professional to work alongside your in-house team. If you follow the process correctly, you will get the best fit for your project, which you can’t find with the traditional method. 

Why prefer Ftechiz as your strategic partner for staff augmentation?

Ftechiz is world-renowned and the first choice of several Fortune 500 companies for IT staff augmentation and meeting project requirements. In the last five years, Ftechiz has built several brands and helped entrepreneurs and startups boost their revenue and ROI. 

Ftechiz is known for providing its clients with top-tier professionals and helping them reach the market faster and without compromising product quality. Ftechiz has worked with clients from different industries and with different technologies and has proven itself every single time. 

Currently, Ftechiz is one of the most trusted IT staff augmentation companies in India, providing services worldwide. 


IT Staff Augmentation emerges as a game-changer in today’s dynamic business landscape, where technology reigns supreme. As organizations navigate the complexities of talent acquisition in a rapidly evolving digital environment, staff augmentation offers a strategic solution to meet diverse project requirements and fill skill gaps efficiently. The advantages of IT staff augmentation underscore its significance in empowering businesses to stay agile and competitive. By following the steps in the blog, an organization can choose the right IT staff augmentation partner to maximize the benefits of this model. Ftechiz holds a stellar reputation, proven expertise, and global reach and stands above in the competition.


How can IT staff augmentation help your business?

This hiring model is a blessing for organizations, whether startups or enterprises; every organization can benefit from cost effectiveness, faster time to market, staff flexibility, and top-tier talent. 

What is an IT staff augmentation company in India?

An IT staff augmentation company in India is a type of firm that helps businesses find and hire temporary IT professionals to work on specific projects or tasks. These companies connect skilled IT professionals with organizations that need their expertise on a short-term basis.

Why do startups seek IT Staff Augmentation?

Startups often seek IT staff augmentation because it allows them to access specialized skills and expertise without the commitment of hiring full-time employees. This flexibility is crucial for startups, as they can scale their teams up or down according to their project needs and budget constraints.

How does the staff augmentation process work in short?

In short, the staff augmentation process involves a company identifying its specific IT needs, reaching out to an IT staff augmentation firm, and selecting candidates from their pool of professionals. Once chosen, these professionals work remotely or onsite with the company’s existing team to fulfill project requirements.

Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for your business?

Whether staff augmentation is the right choice for your business depends on various factors, such as 

  • Project requirements
  • Budget
  • Long-term goals

Staff augmentation can be beneficial for businesses looking to fill skill gaps quickly, scale their teams efficiently, and access specialized talent without the commitment of hiring full-time employees.