Achieving success through Team augmentation in your business

Achieving success through Team augmentation in your business

Since the post-pandemic, almost every organization and start-up wants to go online to tackle the pandemic situation again. However, finding the right talent is more challenging than it sounds; if you’re in hiring authority in your organization, you might have heard the term staff augmentation. According to research, the global IT outsourcing industry is expected to reach $512.50 billion in 2024 and show an annual growth of 10.99% to reach $777.70 billion by 2028 from which 37%, $69 billion will be generated through IT staffing. 

The above stats show how IT staffing is growing, and if you don’t require it now, you’ll surely need it in the future. In this write-up, we’ll delve into IT staff augmentation and know every aspect, including its advantages, when you will need it, and the right approach for staff augmentation. So, let’s start with what IT staff augmentation is. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation

A process of making or becoming greater in size or amount is what augmentation means and staff augmentation is making your IT team bigger and sufficient for the project. IT staff augmentation can help your business reach the pinnacle of prosperity and set industry standards by becoming a brand.

IT Staff augmentation service in india provider offers a pool of top-tier IT talent and onboard them for your project within no time. You will get all the professionals, management leaders, testers, and developers under the same roof.  Apart from providing top-tier talent in no time, there are many other advantages that IT staff augmentation provides. 

How can staff augmentation help you achieve success :

Taking business requires a lot of great decisions and a solid team dedicated to your project. IT staff augmentation is one of the best ways to scale up the resource cost-effectively and offers benefits to traditional hiring processes. 

Dedicated team: When businesses hire staff from IT Staff augmentation, they get a dedicated professional who will only work on their project. The hired professionals will be liable to work with your in-house team and report directly to you. When you hire a complete team, you also can hire a project manager who will report directly to you with all the progress in your project, and you can evaluate, what are the outcome and quality of the work that has been done. 

Grow your team as your requirements grow: IT staff augmentation is gaining popularity due to its flexibility. Businesses can scale up or down their hired professionals as per their project requirements. If you feel that the project demands lossless human power, you can release the augmented staff, and whenever you require them again, they will be with you in no time. 

Save you a fortune: Augmented staff will be a working professional with experience in previous projects, and you don’t have to train them as you will need with the candidate hired through the traditional method. Augmented staff professionals are always updated with the latest technology and methodology and will be ready-to-work professionals. Also, the augmented staff will work remotely and with their own resource, saving you a fortune on infrastructure, tools, and methodology. 

Faster time to market: Usually, traditional hiring approaches take 1-2 months to onboard a candidate, which will not guarantee that the hired candidate is the perfect fit for your team. On the other hand, staff augmentation will provide you with talent within a week, and you can evaluate the candidate by yourself and decide whether the candidate is a perfect fit for your project. Hence, you will complete the project faster than the expected time. 

No commitments and employee retention hassle: Retaining a loyal and hard-working employee is the toughest in the market, as every business wants top-tier talent. IT Staff augmentation agencies eliminate this hassle as you hire or release an employee per your project requirements. Also, you will not be liable to pay for any accommodation or provide any benefits to the employee; staff augmentation agencies will take care of all of it. 

Why should you pick Staff augmentation over Outsourcing

People always get confused between IT Staff augmentation and Outsourcing as both offer a few same benefits. There are several differences or IT Staff augmentation offers many more reliable features than Outsourcing. Below is a table that will help you understand why you should pick IT Staff augmentation over Outsourcing


 IT Staff augmentation



The client and your in-house team will own all the rights to the project.

An outsourcing agency will be working solely on your project.



You can scale up or down your augmented staff without any hassle.

Once you have outsourced your project, you will have no control over your project. 


Several business and management professionals have considered IT Staff augmentation the most cost-effective hiring model. 

Outsourcing is also cost-effective but, due to some factors, not as much as Outsourcing. 


Augmented staff will work side-by-side with your in-house team and directly report to you.

Outsourcing agencies will work separately on their setup. 



The hired professionals will be working on their setup and reporting to you, so there is no data breaching risk.

You may have to share your technology and resources with the outsourcing agency; include a minute risk.


The augmented staff agency will onboard the candidate for you quickly and take care of all the legal activities. 

You have to look for an Outsourcing agency, which will take some time to start as both parties mutually agree. 


You can evaluate every candidate who will be working on your project.

You can outsource your project based on client review and cannot evaluate the candidates. 

Businesses often need clarification on Outsourcing and IT staff augmentation. The above table differentiates both models and provides a better evaluation; we hope you can now decide whether to choose IT staff augmentation or Outsourcing to carry forward your project. 

Before you augment staff to work on your project, you should know when you should use IT Staff augmentation or whether your businesses even need augmented staff. 

When to Use Staff Augmentation?

You require a specific skill: Several businesses lack a specific skill in their team to fulfill the project requirements. IT Staff augmentation agencies keep almost every industry professional in their pool, and you can easily bridge the skill gap in your team. 

You are in the initial stage of your business: We all agree that every business starts from zero, and when businesses are in their initial stages, they need help to meet financial requirements. As stated above, IT Staff augmentation is one of the most cost-effective hiring models and is perfect for start-ups or businesses looking to narrow their costs. 

Having trouble meeting seasonal demands: Not every business has work requirements for the whole year. Several companies have difficulty meeting their seasonal demands for which they can’t even hire a candidate through traditional as it is a lazy process, and you cannot release the candidate immediately after finishing the work; with Staff augmentation, you can scale up or down your team as per your project requirements. 

You want the best talent to work on your project: We all want the best candidate to work on our project, and that’s what IT Staff augmentation enables. IT Staff augmentation removes the geographical bar, and businesses can hire candidates from anywhere. Businesses can even hire the candidate with IT Staff augmentation which they can’t even think about with the traditional methods. 

What is the process for scaling up a team with IT Staff augmentation?

Hiring augmented staff is not everyone, as several IT Staff augmentation vendors are available today. With so many options, you can easily fall for a trap and hire the wrong candidate or IT augmentation agency. Follow the below process to get the best outcome of augmented staff.

Know your requirements: Before you look for professionals, you should have cleared your requirements. Organizations should know their pain points, where the team is lacking, what professionals can help them the most, and so on. Once you know your requirements, you increase your chances by 30% of getting the right candidate and the best project outcome. 

Define job description: Once you know your pain point, create a job description for the profile. For example, If you want to hire a QA teste,r, you should have to describe his roles and responsibilities and what work you expect to be done by the candidate, so there will be no hassle in the future. 

Look for an IT Staff augmentation Agency: There are several staff augmentation agencies in the market; you must be careful when choosing one. There are a few things that you can look in when picking a staff augmentation provider.

  • Check the company’s portfolios and what projects they have done.
  • How is their project doing now? Is there any problem with them?
  • Check their reviews on a reliable platform and their customer feedback


Describe your requirements: Tell the staff augmented agency your requirements, your project, and what you expect from them. Ask them how they can help you and ask for a quotation; most will provide it for free. 

Evaluate candidates: The shortlisted staff-augmented agency will provide you with blind CVs; you have to shortlist candidates per your preference. You can interview the shortlisted talent and ask them to finish an assessment related to your project. 

Onboard new candidates: Once you are satisfied with the candidate and are sure enough to hire them, the staff augmentation agency will do all the legal documentation and hire the candidate for you. You just have to introduce them to your in-house team so they can collaborate to work on your project. 

Monitor and Evaluate performance: Once you hire a candidate to work on your project, you can monitor and evaluate the candidate’s performance for seven days, and if you think that the candidate is not the perfect fit for your project, you replace them with another candidate. 

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