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Key Features of Our Exclusive Services

At ftechiz, we redefine your staffing experience with an unparalleled offer that sets us apart in the IT augmentation landscape


0% Hiring

Time Tracking

Quality & Commitment assurance

Direct Access To Developers

Complimentary Replacement

Take a look at our worldwide partners​


Get acquainted with our partners all over the world and see how the power of partnership makes us strong enough to provide high-quality IT staffing services available worldwide. Join us in growing our horizons, in making a new partnership and setting new standards for IT staff augmentation. By partnering our strengths, we enhance each other’s capabilities to ensure that we have the best talent pools and state-of-the-art resources globally.

Benefits of Staff
Augmentation Services


Choosing staff augmentation is often cheaper than employing full-time workers. All you pay for are the services and hours provided by your augmented staff, with no overhead costs related to salaries, benefits, or training.

Swift Project

Augments personnel who can plug right into your existing teams, hitting the ground running from their first day. This leads to more speed in project implementation and shorter time-to-market for your products or services.

Diversity and Fresh Perspectives​

Exposing your project to professionals of different backgrounds and experiences through staff augmentation encourages a spirit of innovation and creativity.

Reduced Workload on Existing Teams​

Your core team can concentrate on high-priority tasks or strategic initiatives when complementary personnel can lighten their workload by assisting with specific tasks, projects, and so on.

Access to Specialized Skills and Expertise​

Staff augmentation offers access to a vast pool of skilled professionals who possess specialized skills that your existing staff may not have. This access to niche skills can improve the quality of work and innovation on your projects.

Mitigated Risk​

Staff augmentation eliminates the risk inherent in long-term employment commitments. You can resize the team and change the skill set according to changing project needs without having to go through the hiring and firing of full-time employees.

Lets Compare

IT Staff Augmentation​
End To End Product Development

Supplemental Expertise: It's about getting outside experts to help with skills that are missing or just be part of the team for a short time.​

Comprehensive Solutions: Involves teams or helpers who take care of all steps in creating a product.

Team Collaboration: Extra team members work together with the people in a business, join into current routines and values.


External Entity: The group making the product works on its own, away from the person who pays for it. They have different ways of working.

Direct Oversight: Firms keep charge and supervise tasks, aims of projects, and work processes of boosted workers.


Limited Direct Oversight: Businesses have less oversight over the day-to-day tasks and procedures of a team they outsource.

Focused Expertise: Used for special skills or quick needs in a lasting project.


Full Project Handling: Often used for total project development, from idea to making it work.

Temporary Collaboration: Augmented staff are thought of as part of the team for their time involved, helping out like extra members.

Engagement Model

Contractual Relationship: Works by itself with a clear job and agreement duties.

Join the Innovation Adventure:
What It's Like to Hire Our Tech Team!

We keep the technical jargon side and ensure a smooth onboarding process with our clients. Check out how we get started with your project. Technology is a constantly changing field, to stay ahead requires having a workforce that can adapt to changes in technology. Our IT staff augmentation services in India at Ftechiz Solutions Pvt Ltd are complete and capable of improving your projects while taking your company to higher levels.

Our IT staff augmentation services act like a spark, adding precision and skill to your team’s capabilities. We work hard to understand the particular requirements of your project and then craft customized solutions that are precisely compatible with your goals.

Step 1
Tell Your Requirement

You need to take the first step. Simply fill up the Contact Us form by providing your Name, Email address, and a brief about your needs and submit the form. You don't have to worry about the details you're providing; NDA will cover it and will only be between us and you.


Step 2
Virtual Meet-up

After reviewing your needs, we'll contact you at the email address you've provided in the contact form. We'll schedule a virtual meet-up with you to know your requirements and project closely; there will be no technical jargon.


Step 3
Finding the best talent

After knowing your requirements and project needs, we'll find the best talent in the industry and send you blind CVs containing candidates' names, experience and projects they've delivered.


Step 4
Interview the candidates

Once you shortlist the candidates through blind CVs, we'll schedule their interview with you according to your schedule. During the interview, you can test the candidate's skills by yourself and decide whether you want to hire the candidate to work on your project or not.


Step 5
Signing the Contract

Here, we'll sign the contract that will include the candidate's roles, what they will be doing, and their tenure with your project. You don't have to hire candidates permanently and give them full-time employee benefits; we'll be responsible for all that.


Step 6
Our professionals will join you

Voila! You hired new talents, and they'll start working with your in-house team and will directly report to you. You don't have to invest in office space, infrastructure, and developers, as most of our professionals will be working remotely.


Happy Clients Say

"Great team, with long run relationship vision, professional and efficient to deliver result under time to market deadlines. Highly recommended and with no doubt, I'll hire this team again."


"I worked with Ftechiz Solutions to set up an SSL certificate for my website and finalize the conduit between the development and production instances. Despite encountering some hurdles along the way, they persevered and completed all tasks successfully."


"Working with Ftechiz Solutions was a fantastic experience. They established clear project expectations, ensuring everything ran smoothly. I would be thrilled to collaborate with Ftechiz Solutions on future projects. Thanks, team!"


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